An event that is broadcast when there are any errors sent back from SWF Studio. You can use this event directly on ssSecure or use a listener object for which the event will be called.


First available in version 3.0 build 2039.

Not available in ActionScript 3.

Event Parameter Properties:

code - Number - A numeric error code indicating whether the command completed successfully or not.

description - String - Contains a description of the error that occurred.


Event; this event is called when an error occurs at some point in the request process. Setting fastLoad to false increases the chances errors can occur due to the way requests are made. An error message and code will be available through the description and code parameters, respectively, of the event return object.

A handler for this event can be specified as a function directly on ssSecure, or through the addListener method.


Example 1:
This is the simplest way to specify the event handler.

ssSecure.onError = function (event_obj)
    ssDebug.trace("ERROR: "+event_obj.description);

Example 2:
If you require more than one object to listen to the event use ssSecure.addListener as below.

var secureListener_obj = new Object();
secureListener_obj.onError = function (event_obj)
    ssDebug.trace("ERROR: "+event_obj.description);