ssSecure Overview

ssSecure is not available from ActionScript 3. For ActionScript 3 projects see ssURLLoader.

ssSecure is a _global object that loads files from the internal layout of a SWF Studio-built EXE into Flash without the file being written to the harddrive.

Each method of ssSecure takes a single parameter object, containing properties that match the parameters of the equivalent non-ssSecure versions.

Along with its own methods ssSecure also deploys methods attached to other objects for your convenience. These methods take the exact same parameters as their equivalent methods. For instance, MovieClip.loadMovieSecure takes the same parameters as MovieClip.loadMovie.

The convenience methods are:

When you load SWF files from the layout using one of the secure loading methods security restrictions in Flash Player 8 will be enabled and the loaded SWF will not be able to use the SWF Studio ActionScript API. This is due the Flash Player not allowing a child SWF to talk to the parent SWF and vise-versa unless they both explicitly allow it. And still, even in that case, neither SWF can access the other SWF's _global object. The ActionScript API exists on the _global object and so the child SWF will be unable to access the ActionScript API. In order to enable SWFs loaded from the layout to use the ActionScript API the main movie should use the secure loading option available in the SWF Studio IDE. See the User Interface > Main : Movie Tab for details on enabling secure loading for the main movie.

Note: The secure loader option uses a mini HTTP server. When requests are made through the secure methods the SWF Studio player will stream the files via this HTTP server. Because of this some software firewalls will alert the user about network activity. The HTTP server uses localhost (the computer the EXE is running on) and does NOT connect to any other computer.

Also, because the secure loader uses an HTTP server to load the main SWF, the main SWF is running in the Flash Player's remote security sandbox. This means that if you load resources from a remote location (i.e. web site) the Flash Player will place the same security restrictions on the main SWF in your EXE as it would on a SWF running from a web site in the browser. A remote SWF could not, for example, directly use the SWF Studio API, as it is in _global. The secure loader option allows local SWFs and SWFs loaded from the layout to talk without security restrictions because all resources are coming from the same HTTP server.