List of plugins loaded in XML format.


First available in version 3.0 build 2039.


This is a sample of what you will see in ssGlobals.ssPlugins for a typical application that uses the ADO, EMail, FTP, and HTTP plugins. If there are multiple instances of a plugin loaded, then there will be an entry for each instance, as illustrated here.

    <plugin name="ado" alias="ado" />
    <plugin name="ado" alias="biometric_database" />
    <plugin name="email" alias="email" />
    <plugin name="ftp" alias="ftp" />
    <plugin name="http" alias="http" />

See Plugin.load, Plugin.getAliasesOfPlugin, Plugin.getPluginOfAlias, and Plugin.isPluginLoaded for additional information on the use of aliases.