The list of available display modes in XML format.


First available in version 3.0 build 2039.


The list contains all of the permutations for resolution, color depth, and where applicable, refresh rate reported by Windows. Though this list is extensive, with typically several hundred entries, it may not be exhaustive since some video drivers do not report certain specialty settings. Also, Windows only reports settings that are deemed to be compatible with the specified hardware. Even though it may be physically possible, for example, to set a monitor to higher resolution and/or refresh rates than those listed, doing so might not be recommended by the hardware manufacturer.

The list contains the following data:

The following is an abbreviated sample of what you will see in ssGlobals.ssDesktopDisplayModes for a simple Windows setup.

    <mode type="DirectDraw" width="320" height="240" depth="8" rate="0" />
    <mode type="DirectDraw" width="640" height="480" depth="8" rate="0" />
    <mode type="DirectDraw" width="800" height="600" depth="8" rate="0" />
    <mode type="DirectDraw" width="320" height="240" depth="16" rate="0" />
    <mode type="DirectDraw" width="640" height="480" depth="16" rate="0" />
    <mode type="DirectDraw" width="800" height="600" depth="16" rate="0" />
    <mode type="DirectDraw" width="320" height="240" depth="24" rate="0" />
    <mode type="DirectDraw" width="640" height="480" depth="24" rate="0" />
    <mode type="DirectDraw" width="800" height="600" depth="24" rate="0" />
    <mode type="DirectDraw" width="320" height="240" depth="32" rate="0" />
    <mode type="DirectDraw" width="640" height="480" depth="32" rate="0" />
    <mode type="DirectDraw" width="800" height="600" depth="32" rate="0" />
    <mode type="API" width="320" height="240" depth="8" rate="63" />
    <mode type="API" width="320" height="240" depth="8" rate="85" />
    <mode type="API" width="640" height="480" depth="8" rate="60" />
    <mode type="API" width="640" height="480" depth="8" rate="72" />
    <mode type="API" width="640" height="480" depth="8" rate="75" />
    <mode type="API" width="640" height="480" depth="8" rate="85" />
    <mode type="API" width="800" height="600" depth="8" rate="60" />
    <mode type="API" width="800" height="600" depth="8" rate="72" />
    <mode type="API" width="800" height="600" depth="8" rate="75" />
    <mode type="API" width="800" height="600" depth="8" rate="85" />
    <mode type="API" width="800" height="600" depth="8" rate="56" />
    <mode type="API" width="320" height="240" depth="16" rate="63" />
    <mode type="API" width="320" height="240" depth="16" rate="85" />
    <mode type="API" width="640" height="480" depth="16" rate="60" />
    <mode type="API" width="640" height="480" depth="16" rate="72" />
    <mode type="API" width="640" height="480" depth="16" rate="75" />
    <mode type="API" width="640" height="480" depth="16" rate="85" />
    <mode type="API" width="800" height="600" depth="16" rate="60" />
    <mode type="API" width="800" height="600" depth="16" rate="72" />
    <mode type="API" width="800" height="600" depth="16" rate="75" />
    <mode type="API" width="800" height="600" depth="16" rate="85" />
    <mode type="API" width="800" height="600" depth="16" rate="56" />
    <mode type="API" width="320" height="240" depth="24" rate="63" />
    <mode type="API" width="320" height="240" depth="24" rate="85" />
    <mode type="API" width="640" height="480" depth="24" rate="60" />
    <mode type="API" width="640" height="480" depth="24" rate="72" />
    <mode type="API" width="640" height="480" depth="24" rate="75" />
    <mode type="API" width="640" height="480" depth="24" rate="85" />
    <mode type="API" width="800" height="600" depth="24" rate="60" />
    <mode type="API" width="800" height="600" depth="24" rate="72" />
    <mode type="API" width="800" height="600" depth="24" rate="75" />
    <mode type="API" width="800" height="600" depth="24" rate="85" />
    <mode type="API" width="800" height="600" depth="24" rate="56" />
    <mode type="API" width="320" height="240" depth="32" rate="63" />
    <mode type="API" width="320" height="240" depth="32" rate="85" />
    <mode type="API" width="640" height="480" depth="32" rate="60" />
    <mode type="API" width="640" height="480" depth="32" rate="72" />
    <mode type="API" width="640" height="480" depth="32" rate="75" />
    <mode type="API" width="640" height="480" depth="32" rate="85" />
    <mode type="API" width="800" height="600" depth="32" rate="60" />
    <mode type="API" width="800" height="600" depth="32" rate="72" />
    <mode type="API" width="800" height="600" depth="32" rate="75" />
    <mode type="API" width="800" height="600" depth="32" rate="85" />
    <mode type="API" width="800" height="600" depth="32" rate="56" />

This variable is automatically updated whenever there is a change to the desktop settings.