ssGlobals Overview

SWF Studio provides a set of variables that provide dynamic and static information about the system your application is running on. These variables are available immediately in frame 1 of your movie as properties of the ssGlobals object as long as you have called ssCore.init.

When a system setting that is linked to one or more dynamic variables changes, the related properties of ssGlobals are updated automatically and available to your application immediately. For example, any time the desktop settings are changed, the ssGlobals properties below will be updated automatically.

·  ssGlobals.ssDesktopColorDepth
·  ssGlobals.ssDesktopHeight
·  ssGlobals.ssDesktopWidth
·  ssGlobals.ssDesktopRefreshRate

Instead of watching these properties for changes you can ask SWF Studio to tell you when they change and then check the affected properties in the notification handler as in the example below.

ssCore.App.setNotify({event:"onDesktopChange"}, {callback:onDesktopChange});

function onDesktopChange(ret_obj, cb_obj, err_obj)
    if (ret_obj.success)
        ssDebug.trace("the desktop settings have changed");
        ssDebug.trace("color depth: " + ssGlobals.ssDesktopColorDepth);
        ssDebug.trace("width: " + ssGlobals.ssDesktopWidth);
        ssDebug.trace("height: " + ssGlobals.ssDesktopHeight);
        ssDebug.trace("refresh rate: " + ssGlobals.ssDesktopRefreshRate);

Other ssGlobals properties are also updated and generate events that you can receive notifications for.