Removes a listener object from ssEvents so it will no longer receive notification for SWF Studio events.


First available in version 3.0 build 2039.

Input Parameters:

listener - Object - The listener object that you no longer want to receive notifications. If you would like to stop notifications of an event to all listeners, see ssEvents.killEvent.

event - String - [Optional] - The name of the event for which you want to stop receiving notifications. If you don't specify this parameter, the listener will not receive any events. Valid values include: App.onData, App.onDesktopChange, App.onDeviceChange, App.onDialog, App.onDragDrop, App.onExitWindows, App.onOtherInstance, App.onQuit, App.onSysColorChange, App.onWindow, Browser.onActiveElementChange, Browser.onBlockedPopup, Browser.onBlockedURL, Browser.onDocumentComplete, Browser.onMouseButton, Browser.onNavigate, Browser.onPreview, Browser.onProgress, Browser.onStatus, Browser.onTitle, Browser.onWindowClosing, FTP.onProgress, FileSys.onCopyProgress, HTTP.onProgress, Joystick.onJoyAnyButton, Joystick.onJoyButtonMask, Joystick.onJoyCombo, Joystick.onJoyMove, Joystick.onJoyPOV, Joystick.onJoySingleButton, Keyboard.onHotKey, Keyboard.onKey, MIDI.onRawData, Mouse.onMouseButton, Mouse.onMouseMove, Mouse.onMouseWheel, Popup.onContextMenu, Popup.onTrayMenu, Printer.onComplete, Shell.onShellExecuteFeedback, Splash.onFSCommand, TCP.onConnect, TCP.onDisconnect, TCP.onReceive, TCP.onReceiveError, TCP.onSendError, Tray.onTrayClick, Tray.onTrayDoubleClick, Tray.onTrayHover, UDP.onReceive, UDP.onReceiveBinary, UDP.onReceiveError, WMAudio.onComplete, WMAudio.onError, WMAudio.onIndex, WMAudio.onProgress, WMAudio.onScriptCommand, WMAudio.onStart, WMVideo.onComplete, WMVideo.onError, WMVideo.onIndex, WMVideo.onProgress, WMVideo.onScriptCommand, WMVideo.onStart, Win.onDrag, Win.onFocusChange, Win.onMove, Win.onResize, and Win.onStateChange.

Output Parameters:

No output parameters.


This method will remove the specified object from the listener list. Once no listeners are left in the listeners list the event is cleared automatically so SWF Studio will no longer send data, until a listener is added through ssEvents.addEventListener.


Example 1:
In this example we want to stop an object from receiving an event we setup earlier with addEventListener. You must specify the event and listener.