Enables you to test whether your SWF is running as a SWF Studio EXE or not.


First available in version 3.0 build 2039.


Property; used to check whether or not the SWF is running as a SWF Studio EXE. When you test your movie by building a SWF Studio EXE and launching it this value will be returned as true. Otherwise it will be false.

You can use this property to split functional parts of your movie so that SWF Studio commands are only executed when run within a SWF Studio EXE. If you try to run a SWF Studio command outside of SWF Studio the command will fail. In AS1/AS2 this means the commands won't function as expected and won't return any data. In AS3 you will receive a return object but the success property will be false, and the error description contains the explanation.


// Use ssCore.isEXE to determine whether we should use ssDebug.trace or
// the Flash trace() command to display information.

if (ssCore.isEXE)