Registry Overview

The Windows Registry is a hierarchical database used by Windows to store configuration information for the operating system, applications, and hardware devices. With SWF Studio's Registry commands, your application can access and modify the Windows Registry. Keys and values can be enumerated, read, created, and removed from the registry. The registry commands support reading and writing various numeric, text, and binary data formats.

It is important to note that security settings on client machines may prevent your application from writing to, or sometimes even reading from, certain parts of the registry. Also, you should not attempt making changes to the registry unless you fully understand the keys and values you are modifying. Incorrect changes to the registry can have dire consequences, including putting Windows into an irreparable state, forcing the complete reinstallation of the operating system.

More information on the content of the registry can be found in the Microsoft Windows TechNet article "Inside the Registry", and in's "Introduction to the Registry".