Plugin Overview

The Plugin commands enable you to get information about the plugins included with your application/screensaver and load new instances of those plugins. For more information on including plugins in your application/screensaver see the Plugins Tab of the User Interface.

When you select plugins to be included in your application/screensaver you will be able to access them by specifying their default aliases (names). The default aliases are the names of the plugins, i.e. ADO plugin default alias is ADO. In many cases you will not need more than one instance of a given plugin.

When you load another instance of a plugin you can then refer to that instance by the alias you've given it.

ssCore.Plugin.load({plugin:'ADO',alias:'ADO2'}, {callback:'pluginLoaded'});

function pluginLoaded(return_obj, callback_obj, error_obj)
    ssCore.ADO2.setSQL({sql:'SELECT * FROM Table'});

Having multiple instances of plugins means you can perform actions that would otherwise take much longer or could not be done. For example, having multiple instances of the ADO plugin means that you can connect to multiple databases or multiple tables at the same time, or be viewing multiple separate queries on the same table.