MIDI Plugin Overview

MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) is a standard adopted by the electronic music industry for controlling all types of music devices, such as keyboards, mixers, and sound cards.

The SWF Studio MIDI plugin enables the use of MIDI devices as inputs for SWF Studio applications. Several devices can be connected at once, and the MIDI Plugin can capture the data from multiple devices simultaneously.

To discover the devices available on the MIDI ports, you call the MIDI.getInfo command, which returns XML enumerating the devices and their capabilities.

To receive notifications about events on a given device, first call MIDI.setNotify, then MIDI.start.

To stop receiving messages, call MIDI.stop.

You can safely have multiple instances of the MIDI plugin, each instance monitoring different devices, or even the same device(s).

For more information on the MIDI standard, visit www.midi.org.