Allows you to set the size of the internal transfer buffer used to retreieve data in an HTTP session.


First available in version 3.0 build 2039.

Input Parameters:

size - [Optional] - A string that contains the number of bytes to be used for a transfer buffer. If you don't set the buffer size, the plugin will use a default value of "8192" (8K). Buffer sizes are specified in bytes. Default value is 8192.

Output Parameters:

No output parameters.

Asynchronous Mode:

When this method is called asynchronously, a return object containing the output parameters is passed to the specified callback function.

ssCore.HTTP.bufferSize( paramsObject [, callbackParamsObject] [, errorParamsObject] );

Synchronous Mode:

When this method is called synchronously, a return object containing the output parameters is returned to the caller immediately.

var returnObject = ssCore.HTTP.bufferSize( paramsObject );


Specifying a value less than "1" for size will result in the size being set to the default.

Smaller buffers will require more calls to to complete a download operation. However, the higher overhead also makes your application appear more responsive by allowing you to provide progress information to your users more frequently.

Using a larger buffer is more efficient because fewer read operations are required to complete a download operation but can make your application appear unresponsive.