Writes binary data to a text file in a single operation.


First available in version 3.5 build 314.

Input Parameters:

path - A fully qualified path to the file you want to append to. This parameter supports monikers.

data - Data to be written in hex string format.

Output Parameters:

No output parameters.

Asynchronous Mode:

When this method is called asynchronously, a return object containing the output parameters is passed to the specified callback function.

ssCore.FileSys.appendToFileBinary( paramsObject [, callbackParamsObject] [, errorParamsObject] );

Synchronous Mode:

When this method is called synchronously, a return object containing the output parameters is returned to the caller immediately.

var returnObject = ssCore.FileSys.appendToFileBinary( paramsObject );


The data will be added to the end of the file. You can use FileSys.writeToFileBinary to overwrite the contents of an existing file.

If the specified file does not exist it will be created. FileSys.appendToFileBinary will not create folders that are part of the path, so the target folder must exist (see FileSys.createDir).



// "Hello" as a hex string is "48656C6C6F"
ssCore.FileSys.appendToFileBinary({path:"startdir://file.txt", data:"48656C6C6F"});