Browser Overview

The Browser commands enable you to embed a web browser window into your application.

Visible aspects of the browser, such as size, position, borders, scrollbars, and context (right-click) menus can be controlled through the Browser commands.

By using these commands, you can also receive event notifications regarding various changes to the page, as well as download progress.

In addition, you have programmatic control over tasks that are normally triggered by the user, such as forward/back functionality, refresh, and printing. Rules can be defined to restrict the URLs to which the browser may navigate, and the source for the content being viewed can be retrieved.

For improved flexibility, your application can enumerate the browsers supported by the client machine, and select a browser from this list.

Your application may only have one embedded browser window at a time. If the page being viewed or navigated to opens another window, this new window will be independant and not controllable through your application.