Force Windows shutdown, reboot or logoff.


First available in version 3.0 build 2039.

Input Parameters:

method - Valid values include: shutdown, reboot, and logoff.

Output Parameters:

No output parameters.

Asynchronous Mode:

When this method is called asynchronously, a return object containing the output parameters is passed to the specified callback function.

ssCore.App.forceExitWindows( paramsObject [, callbackParamsObject] [, errorParamsObject] );

Synchronous Mode:

When this method is called synchronously, a return object containing the output parameters is returned to the caller immediately.

var returnObject = ssCore.App.forceExitWindows( paramsObject );


LOGOFF - Shuts down all processes running in the security context of the calling process and logs the user off.

REBOOT - Shuts down the system and then restarts the system.

SHUTDOWN - Shuts down the system to a point at which it is safe to turn off the power. All file buffers have been flushed to disk, and all running processes have stopped.

During a shutdown or logoff operation, applications that are shut down are allowed a specific amount of time by Windows to respond to the shutdown request. If the time expires, the system displays a dialog box that allows the user to forcibly shut down the application, to retry the shutdown, or to cancel the shutdown request.