App Overview

The App commands let you control and respond to actions at the application (operating system) level.

You can enable or disable some of the context (right-click) menus that are common to Flash applications. This is useful when you need to prevent the user from performing certain menu actions, or you wish to provide your own custom menus. See the Popup commands for more information on creating your own custom context menus.

With the App command set, you can get command line parameters that were passed to your running application, lock down your application for use in a kiosk, and fine tune the performance of your application by changing it priority.

You can also make use of some advanced features of SWF Studio, by responding to drag/drop operations, responding to system-wide desktop color changes, and sending data being SWF Studio built applications.

Access to Windows "common dialogs" is done through the App commands. By using these dialogs, you get a look and behavior that is consistent between applications, and that automatically provide some basic, yet tedious to implement, services.