Popup : Tip Of The Day

When SWF Studio first starts you are presented with a daily tip to help you get more out of SWF Studio. The tips cover a wide range of topics from little known shortcut keys to tips that will save you time and effort. Although you can disable this feature we strongly recommend that you leave it on and read the tips until you become proficient with SWF Studio.

If you have a tip you'd like to share you, send it to us at Northcode Support. If you include your name or forum handle and we use your tip, we'll give you credit!

1. Tips are displayed here and can be anywhere from 1 to 10 lines long at approximately 80 characters per line.

2. Clear this checkbox to disable the display of the tip of the day at startup. You can also enable or disable the tip of the day from the General Tab of the Options dialog.

3. Pressing this button will download the latest tips file from northcode.com. If the tips file is retrieved successfully you will be told how many new tips were added or that you already have the latest tips file. If the tips file can't be retrieved an error message will be displayed and you will have to retry the operation later.

4. Instead of waiting until you start SWF Studio, you can use this button to cycle through all of the available tips.

5. You can press the Close button, the Window close button or press the ESC key to dismiss the Tip Of The Day window.