Popup : Edit Path (File)

The Edit Path dialog is displayed when you right click on a file from the Files tab and select Edit Path from the popup menu. This allows you to change the file that will be included in the layout when you build your application.

1. You can edit the path directly. This allows you to use relative paths. Relative paths are always assumed to be relative to the location of the project (SPF) file. So ".\test.html" is a valid path if there is a file called "test.html" in the same location as your project file.

2. You can use the Select button to open the standard Windows File Selection dialog to select a new file. This will always return a fully qualified path.

3. Close the Edit Path dialog and apply the changes. Note: This does not change the name of the file that appears in the layout, it just changes the file that will be included using that name.

4. Close the Edit Path dialog and diregard any changes.