Popup : Correct System Time and Date Settings

In order for certain features in the applications you build (and even for SWF Studio itself) to function correctly, the time and date settings on your machine must be valid. If you set your clock back before running SWF Studio, the dialog below will appear giving you an opportunity to correct the settings.

1. The current system time and date displayed using your current time zone settings. If you have not set your time zone settings properly you may see the wrong date/time displayed. You can change your time zone settings easily in Windows by double clicking on the clock in the Windows Taskbar (normally in the bottom right corner of your desktop). If you need more help, please read How to change your computer's time and time zone from Microsoft. The tutorial explains how to change the settings for Windows XP, but the process is similar on all Windows platforms.

2. A drop down list of time servers. Select a time server (or use the default server) and then press the Synchronize button to automatically correct the time and date settings on your machine.

3. When you see this dialog we strongly recommend that you (i) manually correct your time and date settings and restart SWF Studio or (ii) use the Synchronize button to connect to the selected time server to automatically correct your time and date settings.

4. You can use the Continue button to dismiss this dialog without correcting your time and date settings, but this may cause SWF Studio to revert to trial mode and the features made available in the Expiry Tab may not function correctly.