Options Dialog : Version Info Tab

The fields on the Version Info tab will be used to automatically populate the fields of the same name on the Version Tab. These values will ultimately appear on the Windows File Properties dialog. Rather than retype your company information, copyright and trademark messages and comments for each project you can use the Version Info options to supply default values. You can override these values for any project just by changing them on the Version tab, these values will only be applied to new projects.

Default Version Information

1. Provide up to 80 characters of company information.

2. Provide up to 80 characters of copyright information.

3. Provide up to 80 characters of trademark information.

4. Provide up to 250 characters of comments. You may include line breaks in the comment field simply by pressing the ENTER key.

5. Press OK to save your changes and close the Options dialog.

6. You can press the Cancel button, the Window close button or press the ESC key to close the Options dialog without saving your changes.