Options Dialog : Proxy Settings Tab

Some features, like the Live Update Check, require access to the internet. If you are behind a firewall then those features may not work properly.

The Proxy Settings tab allows you to provide SWF Studio with the necessary information to use your proxy server when performing tasks that require internet access, like downloading a new Tips file.

SWF Studio will attempt to autodetect the proxy server and port information so some of these fields may be populated the first time you open this screen. If not, you can supply them manually. You will need to supply a user name and password if your proxy server requires authentication.

Default Proxy Settings

1. The IP address or host name of your HTTP proxy server.

2. The HTTP proxy port (usually 8080) but you can provide any port number here if your network administrator has used a non-standard port.

3. The user name required by your proxy server to authenticate your identity. A password is normally required as well.

4. The password required by your proxy server to authenticate your identity.

5. Press OK to save your changes and close the Options dialog.

6. You can press the Cancel button, the Window close button or press the ESC key to close the Options dialog without saving your changes.