Options Dialog : Confirmation Tab

The Confirmation tab allows you to enable and disable settings that determine whether you are prompted to confirm operations in SWF Studio. By default all of the confirmation settings are enabled to protect you from accidentally performing destructive operations like overwriting your project files or upgrading a project file from an older version. As you become more comfortable using SWF Studio you may want to disable these confirmations to streamline the way you work.

Confirmation Options

1. When you use the Save button on the toolbar to save your project, SWF Studio will prompt you to confirm the save operation if an SPF file already exists. This confirmation is presented as a safety precaution and is only intended to let you know that you are about to overwrite the current contents of your project file.

Note: This option does not affect the Save As operation because the Save As operation always displays a dialog asking you to confirm the target of the Save As operation.

2. When you open a project file that was created in an older version of SWF Studio, the project options must be imported. Not all features from older versions of SWF Studio are supported in the current version, so it's possible to lose information when importing settings from older versions of SWF Studio. While the information loss is not critical, it's not always desirable. If this option is enabled you will be asked to confirm the import, mostly so you know that it's happening. If you disable this option the settings will be imported automatically and silently.

3. Your projects are always saved in the format of the current version. When enabled, this options asks you to confirm saving your project over an existing project file created using an older version of SWF Studio. This protects you from accidentally overwriting the older project file (which would make it unusable with the older version of SWF Studio). Both Save and Save As operations are affected by this option.

4. Similar to the prompt in Windows that asks you to confirm moving files and folders to the Recycle Bin, this options protects you from accidentally deleting files or folders from the Extra Files list on the Files tab (an operation which can't be undone).

5. This option protects you from accidentally changing the Auto Extraction or Encrytpion properties of more than one file or folder in the Extra Files list on the Files tab. These changes can only be made using the right click menu in the Extra Files list so in most cases these changes are deliberate. This option is designed to protect new users, who may not fully understand the results, from making these changes accidentally.

6. This option is not really a confirmation option, but more of a notification. When enabled, you will be presented with a dialog explaining how the Mask Preview option works and how to end the preview before the 15 second timeout has elapsed.

7. Press OK to save your changes and close the Options dialog.

8. You can press the Cancel button, the Window close button or press the ESC key to close the Options dialog without saving your changes.