Main : Trace Tab

The Flash trace command only works while your SWF is running in the Flash Authoring environment. The ssDebug.trace and ssCore.App.trace commands send output to the Trace Tab so you can monitor the output of the SWF Studio trace commands in realtime as your application runs. Note: You must enable debug mode on the Output Tab or trace messages will be disabled in your application.

Trace Options

1. This button opens the standard Windows color selection dialog to let you choose a color for any line in the trace output that contains the text in the field to the right. This makes it easier for you to identify special trace messages that you're looking for in all the trace data your application is generating. You can also set the color of your trace messages directly if you use the ssCore.App.trace command.

2. Enter text here that you want to identify using a different color to make it stand out from the rest of the trace data your application generates. You can change the color and the trace text even after your application has finished and your changes will be reflected in the trace output immediately, allowing you to quickly scan the trace output for data without restarting your application.

3. This button can have one of two states up or down . When you press the up button, the Trace Options are hidden and the Trace Output window is enlarged to display more lines of trace output. The down button makes the Trace Options visible again and returns the Trace Output window to its original size.

Trace Output

4. The Trace Output window is where the output from your calls to ssCore.App.trace and ssDebug.trace will appear. The text color supplied as an (optional) argument to the ssCore.App.trace command will be overridden by the color highlighting settings in the Trace Options above.

5. Right clicking on the trace output window brings up a menu with two options. The Clear menu item will clear the contents of the trace output window. The Copy menu item will copy the entire contents of the trace output window to the clipboard so you can import it into another application for easier viewing or for printing.

6. Press the Clear button at any time to clear the contents of the trace window. You can do the same thing by right clicking on the trace window and choosing Clear from the right click menu.