The SWF Studio interface is divided into two main sections, a collection of icons at the top of the window that makes up the Toolbar and a collection of tabs just below the toolbar that contains the Project Settings.

The Toolbar provides quick access to the core features of SWF Studio (open project, save project, build project etc).

The project settings tabs provide access to various project options that allow you to decide how your application will look and behave. Each tab contains settings that are related in some way to their effect on your final application.

· Output Tab
· Movie Tab
· Window Tab
· Application Tab
· Screensaver Tab
· Defaults Tab
· Version Tab
· Expiry Tab
· Plugins Tab
· Files Tab
· Masks Tab

The last two tabs in the list don't really affect the project settings, they are part of the build and runtime settings. These tabs allow you to control the project build settings and monitor the output of trace statements that your application generates.

· Build Tab
· Trace Tab