SPG (Group) Files

SPG (SWF Studio Project Group) files allow you to provide SWF Studio with a list of SPF (SWF Studio project) files so they can be built automatically.

SPG files are text files that you can create with Notepad or your favourite plain text editor. The format of the SPG file is simple, it is just a list of one or more SPF files. Each SPF file should appear on a separate line. The paths to the SPF files may be fully qualified or relative to the location of the SPG file.

The sample SPG file below shows how to automate building three different SPF files. Since the full path to each SPF file has been specified, the SPG file can reside anywhere on the system.

C:\My Projects\CD Project\main.spf
C:\My Projects\My Kiosk\simple.spf
C:\My Projects\Test\test.spf

If the SPG file was placed in the "My Projects" folder, then relative paths to the SPF files could be used. This allows you to move the SPG file and all the related projects around without changing the paths in the SPG file.

.\CD Project\main.spf
.\My Kiosk\simple.spf

To open an SPG file you can double click on it or pass a path the SPG file to SWF Studio on the command line. When SWF Studio reads the SPG file it opens each SPF file in the order it appears in the SPG file and builds the project. After the last project is built a log file is created and SWF Studio is closed.

The log file has the same base name as the SPG file, but an extension of TXT. All of the information that normally appears in the build results is written to the log file.

If you wanted to use an SPG file in an automated build system, you could call it from a BAT file like this:

C:\Program Files\Northcode\SWF Studio 3\studio.exe C:\My Projects\allprojects.spg

SPG files are easily identified by the following icon.