This function allows you to get the base object reference for any ActiveX control created using ssCore.ActiveX.createObject and use it in your JScript modules.


First available in version 3.3 build 120.


objectReference = ActiveXGetObject(objectName [,timeout])

objectReference - Object - A reference to the ActiveX object.


objectName - String - An identifier that will be used to reference this ActiveX object.

timeout - Number - [Optional] - Time in milliseconds before the command times out. Default is 100ms.


If an ActiveX object was created just prior to calling this method the object may not be ready. You should check the returned objectReference to see if it is null. If it is null you may need to call the method again and set the timeout to be longer or keep checking until the objectReference is not null.


Example 1:
The following example gets a reference to a web browser object that was created earlier using ssCore.ActiveX.createObject or jsCommand("ActiveX.createObject"). First we check to see if the object is valid. If it is the Navigate2 method is called to change the URL of the browser to the Northcode home page.

var MyBrowser = ActiveXGetObject("MyBrowser");

if (MyBrowser != null)