Using Plugins

Plugins are libraries of code (DLLs) created for SWF Studio that extend the core functionality and integrate seamlessly with the existing command structure under ssCore. SWF Studio currently ships with ten free plugins that you can use in your applications.

·  ADO Plugin
·  Catalog Plugin
·  Email Plugin
·  FileSys Plugin
·  FTP Plugin
·  HTTP Plugin
·  INIFile Plugin
·  Joystick Plugin
·  TCP Plugin
·  UDP Plugin

Before you can use a plugin you have to select it on the Plugins Tab, this tells SWF Studio to bundle this plugin with your application. One instance of every plugin you select is created for you by SWF Studio automatically at startup. This instance is assigned a default plugin alias which matches the name of the plugin. If you need multiple instances of a plugin, you can call ssCore.Plugin.load and give each instance a name (alias) that you can use to make calls against that instance of the plugin.

Because plugins are just Windows DLLs almost any functionality you can imagine can be implemented in a plugin and made available to your Flash application. If you are interested in having a custom plugin written, please contact Northcode Services and tell us what you need.

see also: Plugin commands