Flash Load Behaviour in SWF Studio

SWF Studio modifies the default behaviour of the following Flash load commands (as described below) to make loading files easier.

By default, when using one of these modified commands, SWF Studio will attempt to load any file without an absolute path from the base path (see Default Base Path). If the file can't be located in the base path, SWF Studio will look for it in the layout (the collection of files you added to the Files Tab). If a matching file is located in the layout it will be loaded from the temp folder (where files are automatically extracted). If the secure loader is enabled for the main movie, the files will be loaded using the secure loader instead.

You can change the behaviour described above using ssDefaults.loadFilesFromLayout. Setting this property to true tells SWF Studio to look for files in the layout instead.

If a fully qualified path or a file moniker is specified, the behaviour described above does not apply - the file will be loaded from the specified location only.

A special moniker, secure://, is used for loading files into Flash securely from the layout. This moniker is used only by the modified Flash load commands (not normal ssCore methods). Using this moniker will cause the default load behaviour to be ignored, loading the file from the layout instead.

Loading a file using any of the secure methods (see ssSecure) will always load the file from the layout only.

SWF Studio does not modify the behavior of the following commands: