Error Return Object

The following properties are available on the error return object in the error callback function of asynchronous commands, and on the Error property of the return object for synchronous commands.

code - is a numeric error code indicating whether the command completed successfully or not. Zero (0) indicates success, any non-zero value indicates failure.

description - When the code property above is non-zero, this property contains a description of the error that occurred. This property is undefined when code = 0.

command - is a string representation of the command that was executed when the error was encountered. The name returned is the raw command namw, without ssCore in front, e.g. "App.showMsgBox". This is useful for debugging purposes to determine the source of an error.

resume - is a method of the error callback object that is only available when the object is returned to an error callback function. You can use this method to call the callback function as though no error occurred, allowing separate functions to be used for error reporting and callbacks without interrupting the flow of your application.