Error Parameters Object

The error parameters object is used in asynchronous commands to specify the error callback function and its scope.

usage: ssCore.Command.method( paramsObject [, callbackParamsObject] [, errorParamsObject] );

The following properties can be set on the error parameters object:

errorCallback - is used to specify the error callback function that will be called when the given command is executed and fails. The errorCallback property can be specified as a string (name of the function) or as a function reference. This is an optional parameter.

errorScope - can be used to optionally provide scope to the error callback function. The value of this property must be an object or movieclip.

Note: If the errorCallback property is specified as a string and the errorScope property is not specified, ssCore will attempt to identify the scope of the function. For instance, if you specify the errorCallback property as "_level0.NavBar.myFunction" then ssCore will understand that the function "myFunction" resides on _level0.NavBar. If you only specify the function as "myFunction", ssCore will assume the function resides on _level0.