The ActionScript 2 Utilities is a library of ActionScript classes that are provided to add functionality required for certain SWF Studio functionality and to help with commonly added functionality.

The classes are distributed as an SWC file, which is a pre-compiled Flash library resource, compatible with Flash MX 2004 and up. The SWC (NorthcodeAS2Lib.swc) is installed in the SWC folder where SWF Studio is installed. It is also copied into the Flash MX 2004, Flash 8, and/or Flash CS3 components directory.

In the Flash authoring environment:
1. Open the Components panel.
2. Open the "SWF Studio V3" folder.
3. Drag "NorthcodeAS2Lib" to the Library panel for your FLA.

The included packages are:

You will need to import the packages you want to access. See the examples in each package for more information.