Posted by pompeyd in Coffee Lounge on Dec 09 2008, 08:01 am


Just wondering if anyone out there can recommend a good host for a dedicated server.

I need to be able to place a SS exe on the server that local SS exe's can send messages to using the TCP Plug-In, and then have the server exe update server contents (files/folders etc) and respond to the local exe.

Flash and AS is my bag, not asp, php, etc, so rather than start a new learning curve, it would probably make sense to go the route I've outlined above.

I also want to be able to install Flash Media Server.

I don't need any major spec to start with - got around 2-3 months dev time first - so any basic dedicated server that I can use for testing would be fine.

Many thanks


Posted by Clovis in Coffee Lounge on Dec 09 2008, 08:46 am

Hey Paul,

You can get a robust dedicated server on this french website : from 29€ to 99€ /month.

This service is provided by the best french ISP but I don't know if they accept foreign customers. The server I pointed in the link above can be installed with any OS you want. I have this one for my own company and I'm very satisfyied with it.

If they don't accept foreign customer you can go to OVH. They have similar offers and I'm sure they accept non-french companies.

Don't you have this kind of providers in the UK?

Posted by pompeyd in Coffee Lounge on Dec 09 2008, 09:35 am

Hi Clovis,

Yeah, there will be some in the UK, but I figured that a good recommendation from here may well save me a lot of time both looking, and dealing with poor service.......... Some hosts I've dealt with in the past, for shared servers, have been very poor.

I'll check out your links as a place to start.