Posted by MaxCat in SWF Studio V3 on Dec 02 2008, 09:20 am

my name is Max and I'm currently trying out SWF Studio.
I would like to know what are your favorite ways of developing with Flash/Flex and SWF Studio.
I've noticed that Compiling an empty movie which contains the Northcode SWCs takes 10 seconds. Compiling the application takes another 10-15 seconds. So this doesn't seem to be the best way to develop and debug an application.
I'm playing around with the following method:
Load the main swf from an external file. So the compiled exe only contains a little loader swf and doesn't need to be recompiled everytime. This works.
And the second step will be: Compiling the fla with flash and then only recompile all classes. I've downloaded the Flex SDK and will try to realize this.

What is your way?

Have a nice day,

Posted by mbd in SWF Studio V3 on Dec 02 2008, 10:23 am

Just to clarify a bit, the speed in compilation you are referring to is with AS3. Just compiling a SWF with no SWF Studio commands or components, the AS1/AS2 compiler is faster than the AS3 compiler.

If you're worried about speed for compiling, then I suggest you try the alternative method of including the SWC:

In Flash, place the SWC next to your FLA (or in any classpath, and don't include the component in your library).

In Flex Builder, specify the SWC library item as external instead of "merged".

What this will do is allow the compilers to compile against the SWF Studio classes, but not include the actual code in the SWF. The advantage is compile speed - it's still not instant, we're talking about the AS3 compiler here. The disadvantage is that you won't be able to run your SWF outside of SWF Studio successfully unless you aren't using any SWF Studio commands or you've protected your code by making two forks. Because the actual stub classes are not included in your SWF the Flash player will generate a runtime error every time you try to execute a SWF Studio command.

In AS1/AS2 this was not a problem since when an error was found, the next line of code would still be executed. In AS3 when a runtime error is found, the next line of code is NOT executed, and instead throws an error.

Posted by MaxCat in SWF Studio V3 on Dec 02 2008, 11:25 am

Hey Derek,
thanks for your reply.
I set up Flash Develop and created a little test project. It works quiet good.
So while testing I'm loading a little loader swf in the projector. Later, when deploying an application I just have to switch to the main swf.
Now I only need to wait for the classes to be compiled which only tooks one or two seconds (in my test project). This is really ok for testing purposes.

I have another question but I will first search the forum and then maybe start another thread.

Kind regards,