Posted by radamjee in SWF Studio V3 on Oct 17 2008, 02:38 pm

I am using a menu created using Flash MX and SWFStudio 3.x to run an installation application using How can I determine when the installation has completed and then launch another application?

Posted by mbd in SWF Studio V3 on Oct 17 2008, 03:06 pm

If you are launching the installer using ssCore.Shell.execute then you can set the waitForExit parameter to true and specify a callback function. The callback function will be called once the application you launch exits.

However, if you are using, which you should use for Vista users - check the forums for references about Vista, installers, and - then it won't be that simple. If the installer stays open the entire time, rather than launching another process to handle things, then you can monitor windows using ssCore.SysInfo.getWindowList to get all open windows. Then compare the list with what you expect to be listed as the caption for the installer window. You'll have to call ssCore.SysInfo.getWindowList every so often in order to detect changes in the window's status.