Posted by stewrik in SWF Studio V3 on Aug 26 2008, 04:15 pm

I did a site in flash CS3 with the latest settings - when I look with my NC application it says update flash player - when I open with IE I can see my site.

From my previous posts:

how can I simulate "Paste" in my browser from a button outside? is it using Control + V? or you have another solution in mind?

Lastly your button with page up/down is working very often but not always - maybe %50 of the websites I'm trying - do you know why?

Thank you - always good support!

Posted by northcode in SWF Studio V3 on Aug 26 2008, 07:34 pm

The embedded browser in your application will use the Flash player that's bundled with SWF Studio instead of the one that's installed on the system.

The only way to simulate a paste is by sending a Ctrl+V to the browser window but you have no way to determine what element has focus in the browser (if any) when you do this so the results will not be reliable.

Whether the page up/page down thing works depends on whether the DOM of the page can be manipulated. If the pages uses a DTD that sets the browser compatibility to a version that doesn't expose the properties that the JScript is trying to use then it won't work.

Posted by stewrik in SWF Studio V3 on Aug 27 2008, 03:13 am

thank you for the information - so can you tell me you are expecting to release SWF Studio with the latest Flash Player?

for the CTRL+V can you please tell me the code onRelease{
} this way i will run some tests and see it's working for my stuff.

for the last part I get it - do you see other solutions?


Posted by northcode in SWF Studio V3 on Aug 27 2008, 10:02 am

The current development build uses 9.0r124 and we asked for beta testers a while back (see but not many people have responded.

Before calling this code, you have to set hwnd to the window handle of the window you want to send the keystrokes to. You can't get the hwnd of the embedded browswer (we don't expose it) so you'll have to try using the hwnd of your application (see ssGloabls.ssHWND). No guarantees.

ssCore.Keyboard.sendPress({hwnd:hwnd, key:ssKey.VK_CONTROL});
ssCore.Keyboard.sendPress({hwnd:hwnd, key:ssKey.VK_V});
ssCore.Keyboard.sendRelease({hwnd:hwnd, key:ssKey.VK_V});
ssCore.Keyboard.sendPress({hwnd:hwnd, key:ssKey.VK_CONTROL});

For the last part you need to know what properties and methods are exposed by the DOM you have access to and program against that instead of assuming that the properties you're trying to access are just there. I don't know what each DOM version exposes so I can't just tell you. You're going to have to crack some HTML books/references to figure this one out.

Posted by stewrik in SWF Studio V3 on Aug 27 2008, 04:09 pm

For the Flash thread even if I read the same question today I wouldn't understand it's related with the flash build.

For the - no guarantees section - I don't understand but it's fine.

The last part on cracking HTML books is not helpful either.

I didn't buy your software yet - Wanted to see first if I can do it with Studio - I guess not.

Posted by northcode in SWF Studio V3 on Aug 27 2008, 04:39 pm

There's a base level of knowledge required to do everything. If you lack that knowledge, then the best tool in the world isn't going to help you. You don't know enough about HTML/XHTML or Windows to do what you want to do and that's going to be a problem no matter what tool you choose.

SWF Studio solves general problems, like how to embed a browser window in a Flash application and let you control it. More specific problems, like how to scroll a browser page from Flash requires knowledge of the problem domain (the DOM). SWF Studio gives you the tools to apply your knowledge to create new solutions.

So SWF Studio helps you bridge some knowledge gaps by exposing functionality it in a simpler form that you can use, effectively lowering the cost of entry.

I can point you in the right direction, but I can't do the work for you. Well, I can but you'd have to pay for it. What you're paying for is time and the knowledge I have that you lack.

If you can't do what you want with SWF Studio, it's unlikely you'll find another Flash tool that will. In the end, you'll either acquire the knowledge you need or hire someone with that knowledge who can do what you want.