Posted by Jhon in SWF Studio V3 on May 25 2008, 08:47 pm


I don't know if this is already supported for ssCore.SysInfo.getOSVersionInfo();, but in the help documentation it is not mentioned.
The SWF Studio Help Documentation and CoreWizard mentions that ' shortInfo' can give: '32s','NT3','NT3.1','NT3.5','NT3.51','NT4','NT5','95','98','2000','XP', '2003Server', 'Vista' and 'Unknown'.
However I see there is no '2008Server', nor 'Home Server'.

Was this not put yet in SSV3, or simply missing from the help documentation?

Posted by northcode in SWF Studio V3 on May 26 2008, 10:31 am

If you do a quick test and ask for the version info on a 2008 server you'll see that it returns the wrong information because Vista and 2008 server both have the same version number (6.0). Additional code (that I just added) is required to differentiate Vista from 2008 server. This will be included in the next release and I'm adding a problem report for this now.

The "Home" designation is not part of the platform id or product type, it's part of the suite information which is largely independent of the version i.e. you can't determine whether you're using the home version of product or not based on just the version information. If you need that level of detail about which OS you're using then you're going to have to call GetVersionEx and GetSystemMetrics and go through all the combinations of tests yourself.