Posted by matthew.lukas in SWF Studio V3 on May 21 2008, 12:33 pm

Is there a way to save a message that you want send to a email address to Microsoft Outlook send folder. So that when the user opens outlook the message will be sent then. The client want user to take a test and then the score would be emailed to client. They want it done so that the user does not know their score is being sent. So they can not change results.

Thanks for any help

Posted by mbd in SWF Studio V3 on May 21 2008, 03:12 pm

If you did it the way you are saying, through Outlook, the user would be able to see it, although not change it, since it would be left in their Sent box.

The way it should be done is to send the results to a server. You either have the server send an email, if that's how you need them sent, or have the server store the results (text file, database, etc.) for viewing by the client.

You could also use the EMail plugin in SWF Studio to send the email directly from your application.

While the EMail plugin works I would recommend pushing the data to the server and then have the server do what you need done. Some ISPs and corporate networks block typical email ports to prevent potentially unsecure actions on their networks. Uploading data to a server isn't typically blocked, since it uses the same path as downloading from the Internet, so unless the user can't access the Internet you should be fine.