Posted by keniway in Coffee Lounge on May 09 2008, 06:39 am

Hi all

1, I've read that SWF Studio will 'grow' to accomodate more and less information in the scratchdata facility, can you tell me the maximum size of text that can be contained in it? (kb/mb)

2, I put an icon in and it shows up fine, except on the windows desktop where I get the "fridge" application icon. How do I make my icon show up there?

3, In windowless mode, how do I make a minimize to system tray button?

I've just got SWFS3 and I'm loving it, any help much appreciated

Posted by pompeyd in Coffee Lounge on May 09 2008, 08:09 am

Hi keniway,

Welcome to the forum. :)

1. How large is your hard drive? There is nothing in the docs to define a limit, and I would have thought the guys at NC would have mentioned a limit if there is one. You can do a test by generating a String to represent a test size and then writing it to the scratch area, starting your app again, and reading it back. One thing to note with the scratch area is that if you update your exe, then the data will be lost - unless you account for this in the update process. It may be worth writing the data to a text file on the hard drive, which can be encypted if you want to keep it free from inquisitive eyes ;)

2. It sounds like you may not have all the correct Icon resources in your Icon File. The Help files (Reference > Icons in SWF Studio) detail all the necessary resources your Icon File requires along with a link to a free Icon Editor.

3. Just make yourself a button and on the onRelease, or click event use the following code
ssCore.Win.minimize(); - it's as easy as that.



Posted by northcode in Coffee Lounge on May 09 2008, 09:29 am

There's no explicit limit on the amount of data you can put in the scratch area, you'll probably run into performance issues before anything else fails :)

Posted by keniway in Coffee Lounge on May 09 2008, 10:22 am

Lovely, thankyou very much