Posted by mojo in SWF Studio V3 on Apr 09 2008, 01:01 pm

Is there a reason that the bundled Flash player is way back at r47?

115 has been out for awhile and 124 is out now.

Anyway to bundle the latest version?


Posted by mbd in SWF Studio V3 on Apr 09 2008, 01:22 pm

9r47 was the latest stable release during beta testing. r115 was out, but wasn't out for long and there were some not so nice bugs being reported regarding CS3 components and so forth. We felt that r47 was stable and with a lot of the beta testing done, changing something significant like the Flash Player would have nulled a lot of that testing.

Is there anything specific for which you need the newer version of the Flash Player?

Posted by mojo in SWF Studio V3 on Apr 10 2008, 11:40 am

Hey :)

That makes sense.
I've noticed several weird things with the newer players.
Movies stop working, upgrading glitches etc.

Thought I had a problem with flash playing in a SWFS browser on XP SP3, but the Flash player uninstalller & a reinstall of 124 fixed it.
After being caught with my pants down on Vista last year, I'm trying to stay ahead of the curve a bit more nowadays lol

Any plans on adding a "choose flash player" option on future versions?
Un-supported & on 'yer own of course :p

Edit: thought I'd add...
Everything looks to be running fine on VistaSP1 & XPSP3, except for that flash upgrade glitch w/XP.
I did a few tests while upgrading players too & its working as it should.
If ANY flash player is found to be installed, it will run off the internal r47. Testing with Flask9e.ocx/r115 & Flask9f.ocx/r124 at least.


Posted by mojo in SWF Studio V3 on Apr 10 2008, 03:16 pm

I've come across one more weird thing this morning, thought it was worth mentioning...

I was about to test some .pdf links in an embedded browser win & I figured I better update Reader first.
Had to reboot to get some process to turn loose of the current Reader install too, before the updater would run.
It looked like it was possibly my SWFS app's browser win hanging on?
I had a .pdf open in a SWFS browser just before, but had closed everything but the install dialog.

I reboot and update to Adobe Reader 8.1.2, just now I get a taskbar pop saying Adobe Reader 7.0.9 is downloaded & ready to install?
Along with having to run a separate uninstaller to properly upgrade the latest Flash Players now, looks like Adobe is having problems on recognizing and properly updating Acrobat Reader too?

Am curious if anyone else has noticed anything peculiar lately on the Adobe front? Seems to have all started soon after the MM takeover...
Has Adobe officially hit the "Dysfunctional Behemoth" stage? lol