Posted by jm-chassin in SWF Studio V3 on Apr 08 2008, 11:29 am


I have an application that download files with HTTP plug-in. Everything is working well, but in some cases, when there is a proxy, it doe not work.
So I've decided to make a proxy detection to use proxy server & port if necessary. But I never get the proxy server and port ; here is my code :

var return_obj;
return_obj = ssCore.SysInfo.getConnectInfo();
ssDebug.trace("usingProxy "+return_obj.usingProxy);

return_obj = ssCore.HTTP.getDefaultProxyServer();
ssDebug.trace("getDefaultProxyServer '"+return_obj.result+"'");

return_obj = ssCore.HTTP.getDefaultProxyPort();
ssDebug.trace("getDefaultProxyPort '"+return_obj.result+"'");

and the result is always the same :

usingProxy TRUE
getDefaultProxyServer ''
getDefaultProxyPort ''

This has been tested on W2000-SP4 and WinXP-SP2, with IE 6.0 and 7.0
The aplication is build in Flash 8.0 and SWF Studio V3.5.314
If IE has a proxy configuration, usingProxy is 'true', and if IE has no proxy, it is 'false', that works well. But I always have an empty string for proxy server and port...

Any ideas ?


Posted by jm-chassin in SWF Studio V3 on Apr 10 2008, 08:28 am

Well, it seams that the "getDefaultProxy..." commands are dead.

Here is the solution that I've found, hopping it'll works in all cases :

return_obj = ssCore.Registry.getValue({rootKey:"HKEY_CURRENT_USER", subKey:"Software\\Microsoft\\Windows\\CurrentVersion\\Internet Settings", valueName:"ProxyEnable"});

var ProxEnable:Boolean = (return_obj.result==1);
if (ProxEnable) {
return_obj = ssCore.Registry.getValue({rootKey:"HKEY_CURRENT_USER", subKey:"Software\\Microsoft\\Windows\\CurrentVersion\\Internet Settings", valueName:"ProxyServer"});
var Ret:String = return_obj.result;
var Prox = Ret.split(":");
if (Prox.length<2) Prox[1]="80";

Posted by northcode in SWF Studio V3 on Apr 10 2008, 09:39 am

There is a bug in a shared piece of code that does the registry I/O in the HTTP plugin. It makes the GetDefaultXxx functions think that the proxy is disabled so it returns empty strings. I'm adding a problem report and we'll fix it up today. If you want a copy, just fire off an email to with your serial number and we'll send it to you when it's ready.