Posted by stephen harris in SWF Studio V3 on Feb 04 2008, 05:14 am

I use swf studio to produce educational software. I've found that when used on a network the dialogue box often asks if the user wants to run or save the file instead of just running it. On my vista machine the dialogue box just gives the option of saving the file when I run it on my local server (local host).
So I have tended to get the administrators to link to an index html file.
But that means I lose the functionality of swf studio e.g. the ability to add an expiry date or to use shell.invoke.
Is there any way to keep the functionality of swf studio and yet have the file run as html?

Posted by mbd in SWF Studio V3 on Feb 04 2008, 09:35 am

If there were, it would be a huge security hole in the browsers that could be exploited to spread all sorts of nasty applications.

What you could do is have a SWF Studio application always run in the system tray and when the user hits the HTML page, have a SWF on that page communicate with the tray application through LocalConnection. You could make the tray application your main application, or simply an app that launches another application, or downloads the application from a remote server and then launch, etc.

Posted by stephen harris in SWF Studio V3 on Feb 04 2008, 10:46 am

Thanks for that Derek.

I obviously need to do some reading up on system tray, local connection, etc.

You guys are about 8 miles ahead of me.