Posted by pjessop in SWF Studio V3 on Jan 25 2008, 04:10 pm

I got sent a screensaver that was created from SWF studio and was one of the main reasons i bought the software myself.

However, in the screensaver that was given to me, it was actually an .exe file that when opened automatically installed the screensaver in the correct place in windows with a screensaver image and title in Control Panel->Display->Screensaver.

When i try to create a screensaver which I can do no problem, I can't work out how to get the settings so that do the same as the one that was sent to me.

I notice in the 'screensaver' tab on SWF studio there is a 'Configuration' section that you can select an SWF file to use as the settings editor for the screensaver and the section below that 'Preview' allows you to upload an image which displays in the preview area of display properties box. I'm guessing the answer to my question lies in these two boxes.

Is there a standard SWF file that can be downloaded and used to configure the screensaver to appear automatically in the display properties section or can anyone give me some other advice.

Many Thanks

Posted by northcode in SWF Studio V3 on Jan 25 2008, 04:24 pm

The screensaver you were given may have been created with an older version of SWF Studio (like 2.x) which had the ability to generate an installer. We decided against continuing that in version 3 of SWF Studio since there we already a lot of very good installer tools out there.

We use Inno Setup ourselves and highly recommend it. Inno makes it really easy to create an installer for your screensaver. Here's a basic Inno Setup script (ISS file) to create an installer for a scrensaver called TestSaver.scr.

AppName=Test Screensaver
AppVerName=Test Screensaver 1.0
AppPublisher=Company Name
DefaultDirName={pf}\Test Saver

Source: "TestSaver.scr"; DestDir: "{sys}"; CopyMode: alwaysoverwrite

; open screensaver property dialog with new screensaver selected
Filename: "{sys}\rundll32.exe"; Parameters: "desk.cpl,InstallScreenSaver {sys}\TestSaver.scr"

Posted by pjessop in SWF Studio V3 on Jan 25 2008, 07:21 pm


Thanks for helping me on this query. I tried the sample code but got an error on this line:

[Run]; open screensaver property dialog with new screensaver selected

I changed references to TestSaver.scr to the name of the screensaver i was trying to auto-install and also renamed my screensaver to TestSaver.scr to see if i could get the code to work, but it was the same line causing the problem.

I presume i did everything correct, i downloaded Inno Setup 5 and chose 'create empty blank script'. I then pasted the code in your last message and clicked 'build'.

Did I do everything correctly?

Posted by northcode in SWF Studio V3 on Jan 25 2008, 08:58 pm

You did everything right, the line that's giving you the error should have been two lines. "[Run]" should be on a line by itself and the ";" marks the beginning of a comment that should have also been on a line by itself. I've corrected my original post. Sorry for the confusion.

You might also want to read Why do my screensavers show up as blank entries in the Display Properties?. It explains a glitch in Windows that can be annoying to new screensaver developers.

Posted by pjessop in SWF Studio V3 on Jan 27 2008, 07:13 pm

Thank you, that worked perfectly.

Posted by mndn in SWF Studio V3 on Mar 08 2010, 04:25 pm

I've read many threads about this problem now, always with the link to support-note about the Windows-Glitch where I'm advised to change the file name of the scr to a long name and mixed capital/non-capital letters.

Still, this doesn't work for me. I have renamed the SCR file to "TestSaver.scr". I am using Innosetup 5 (which works fine), but I still have a blank line in the display settings for the screensaver. The buttons for preview and setup are inactive even if I chose a preview pic or configuration-swf.

I testet this WITHOUT the preview pic or config-SWF, still no luck: Blank line and gray buttons in the saver settings. The preview picture shows a Windows XL background(?)

Please Northcode, do you have ANY answer to this?
I use SWF Studio 3.6 and Win XP Professional with SP3

Posted by northcode in SWF Studio V3 on Mar 08 2010, 05:32 pm

I'll build you a simple test SCR and setup (using Inno Setup). I have an XP SP3 system here to test with so when I've got it working I'll post a link back here to a ZIP file with the FLA, SPF, ISS, SCR and EXE files for you.

Posted by northcode in SWF Studio V3 on Mar 08 2010, 05:45 pm

Check out and let me know how that works for you.

Posted by mndn in SWF Studio V3 on Mar 08 2010, 06:56 pm

Sorry, it doesn't work. I get the same results (no preview, no settings).
See screen attached.

attachments: odd_screensaver.jpg  

Posted by northcode in SWF Studio V3 on Mar 08 2010, 07:18 pm

If you change your locale to English or run it on an English system does it work?

What happens if you right click on the SCR file and choose Install from the menu instead of using the installer?

I'm not suggesting these as workarounds, just trying to gather more information to get to the root of the problem...

Posted by mndn in SWF Studio V3 on Mar 09 2010, 05:42 am

I tried not using the Inno Installer and setting up the saver manually.
-and I did this both ways already:
a) Copying the SCR File into the windows/system32 folder
(doesn't work) :(
b) right-Clicking on the scr filE to install it as a screensaver
(doesn't work) :(

In both cases I get the "blank" Screensaver in the Windows screensaver settings with the odd perview. So after I deinstall the screensaver (OR simply delete it from the system32 fooder) the screen saver is gone.

I had thought about changing the locale too, so I will try this next..

Posted by mndn in SWF Studio V3 on Mar 09 2010, 02:26 pm

This is really strange. Changing the setting to US (American) doesn't solve the problem on my system.

I have checked the Test Screensaver that you had sent me on a colleague's system (also Win XP, but ALSO(!) German) and it worked excellent including settings dialogue and preview...

This should have to do with the file name I SUPPOSE.. Maybe differences in the file sytsme (FAT/NTFS/...)? Is there any way to see the "real" file name? Are there (maybe) different "internal" file names?
What is an 8.3 filename anyway?

Posted by northcode in SWF Studio V3 on Mar 09 2010, 03:25 pm

The file name is the file name.

On a FAT system the file name would be converted to an 8.3 equivalent but I don't know anyone who's running XP on top of a FAT file system.

All of the Microsoft screensavers have 8.3 file names and long descriptions, but I can't see how that would make it fail on your system and work on mine and your colleague's.

The only thing that might be off is that I set the screensaver title to "screen_saver" in the SPF file instead of "Test Saver". So it doesn't have a space or mixed case, but that shouldn't matter. You have the SPF file so you can try that but it's a long shot.

Aside from a comparison of all the screensaver related settings in the registry I can't think of any other way to figure out why your system doesn't like installing SWF Studio SCR files.

Have you had issues with SCR files from other sources?