Posted by proagresivo in Coffee Lounge on Jan 14 2008, 08:26 pm

i was using screenweaver before your software and i use this code to call a window and send parameters... but i can't find the way to do the same thing with the swf studio

i hope you can help me!

screenwaver code:

on(release) {
var handleapp:Number;
var argumentos:String;

handleapp = swWindow.getWindowHandle();
argumentos="100"; //this is app version
argumentos+= " ";
argumentos += handleapp;
argumentos+= " ";
argumentos+= "kitventpaq";

swSystem.shellOpenApplication(".\\actlinea.exe", argumentos, SW_SHOWNORMAL);

this is te SWFStudio code that i use:

on (release) {
var handleapp:Number;
var argumentos:String;

handleapp = ssGlobals.ssHWND();
argumentos="100"; //este es el numero de version
argumentos+= " ";
argumentos+= handleapp;
argumentos+= " ";
argumentos+= "setNomina";

Posted by northcode in Coffee Lounge on Jan 14 2008, 10:19 pm

I answered your email before I found this post, but after reading it again, I don't think I answered you properly so I'm going to try again... doesn't have an "arguements" parameter. I had a look at the Screenweaver documentation for swSystem.shellOpenApplication and the SWF Studio equivalent is ssCore.Shell.execute, so you want to do something like this...

handleapp = ssGlobals.ssHWND();

argumentos = "100"; //este es el número de versión
argumentos +=  " ";
argumentos +=  handleapp;
argumentos +=  " ";
argumentos +=  "setNomina";

ssCore.Shell.execute({path:"startdir://actlinea.exe", arguments:argumentos});

If you can tell me what you're trying to do with the HWND I can probably help you figure out how to do it. I'm guessing that actlinea.exe is a utility for sending a message to an application?

The SW_SHOWNOMAL parameter you were passing to Screenweaver is lilke the winState argument in ssCore.Shell.execute, but it's optional (a visible window is the default state).

Posted by AGo in Coffee Lounge on Jan 15 2008, 04:36 am

a little addition,

handleapp = ssGlobals.ssHWND();

should be

handleapp = ssGlobals.ssHWND;

ssGlobals contains properties, not functions, so you directly grab the value instead of calling a function.

Posted by proagresivo in Coffee Lounge on Feb 29 2008, 07:20 pm

tanx man i will try it... by the way i think i don't receive the email maybe because my outlook configuration... but i will try it, by the way i post the same problem again because i tought that i don't have answers... but in the search for a keywords for my problem i find my question with an answer...
i am trying to send this information to an app to online actualization... if i don't make it work i write you... tnx!!!

Posted by proagresivo in Coffee Lounge on Feb 29 2008, 07:33 pm

it's alive it's alive!!!! hhohoho tnx man!...