Posted by moorea in SWF Studio V3 on Jan 08 2008, 08:17 pm

Hello to All!

I am having a heck of a time here.

I am using version 3. I am trying to open a PDF file from my application. I opened swf Studio, clicked on the files tab and created a folder called pdf, then dragged my two pdf's to this folder.

I then created a link in my flash file, but nothing happened. After reading several posts on the message I am now able to get acrobat to open when I click on this link, but it can't find my file. Based on different posts on the board I have tried a ton of different ways to put in the path... no luck. Here is my latest attempt:

ssCore.Shell.invoke({path:"startdir://pdf\\everything.pdf", topmost:true});

I have tried everything from removing 'startdir: as one poster said it didn't work, single slashes double slashes,different combinations of single and double slashes, removing the pdf folder and placing the files right under layout, back slashes fowards slashes in every possible combination.

HELP... before I am bald!!!


Posted by northcode in SWF Studio V3 on Jan 09 2008, 03:30 am

Unless you changed the properties of the files you added to the layout they will be marked as "AutoExtract" which means they are automatically extracted to the application temp folder when the application starts.

You can reference files in your application temp folder using the tempdir:// moniker.

Try this...

ssCore.Shell.invoke({path:"tempdir://pdf\\everything.pdf", topmost:true});

Posted by moorea in SWF Studio V3 on Jan 09 2008, 05:52 am

As always you guys rock! Worked like a charm.

I actually tried tempdir at one point, but I had made so many changes I probably had a slash or two going the wrong way!