Posted by uni in SWF Studio V3 on Jan 08 2008, 06:57 am

I'm testing out the public beta to see if the hooking dll thing has been resolved.
My application involves flash files communicating to a TCP/IP Socket as well as a web service to return a number of variables and flash acts accordingly.
There are a number of different files and they are all lined up to play one after the other based on a sequence defined in the database. With the 3.5 version - i was getting the hooking dll (Shows up when using 2 displays) - otherwise just quietly fails, either by staying on the screen instead of unloading, or it unloads but the next file never loads. Now with the public beta however, I'm not getting the values returned from the server. But this is not happening all the time. I've got 2 test instances running, one on my laptop and the other on the desktop. Sometimes the values are there, other times not. so far no dll error message.

North code ppl, let me know if you need more info.