Posted by Tecnoduque in Coffee Lounge on Dec 19 2011, 02:35 pm

hey all,
In this thread I expect to receive advices from more experienced users, to develop a idea that I recently had.

It's anything fancy, and nothing out of this world, so hopefully someone can point me certain subjets that I MUST take care when starting.

I'ts basically a kiosk app for an airport of a turistic destination, where people can see the posibilities (acomodation, excursions, food&drinks, etc).

Can only Flash (AS3) with the help of SWF Studio manage all that information? Is it able to handle the resources and provide a smooth interaction?
Hardware: Intel QuadCore 4Gb RAM GeForce 512Mb Video Card (W7 Ultimate) 32Inchs "EloTouch" Display (flipped vertically).

Looking forward to hear your suggestions about it, any thoughts would be very helpfull. Luckly I'll use this same thread to update the actual state of the project and evacuate doubts without flooding the rest of the forum!

Thanks folks!

Posted by AGo in Coffee Lounge on Dec 20 2011, 06:51 pm

This certainly is possible, I´ve done very similar things before with FP9, FP11 opens a whole lot of additional options.

Well topics you have to look into, that all depends on what you want to have in your app, for the most basic features you should be just fine with only basic AS3 and a bit of gfx skills...