Posted by d-train in SWF Studio V3 on Jun 04 2011, 01:39 am


I have an app that uses command line switches to feed some variable information. It works great, until my expiry.swf fires when the trial runs out. I activate the app and set an expiry date in the year 3000, and then want to continue on by loading the app, but the commandline switches no longer are there. If I closed the app after activation and then reopen it, the commandline info is passed and the app doesn't show up as a trial anymore.

How can the command line information be passed through the expiry?



Posted by northcode in SWF Studio V3 on Jun 05 2011, 11:11 am

Calling Security.loadMainMovie is probably resetting ssGlobals.ssCmdLine (I will call that a bug if that's the case) but you should be able to call ssCore.App.getCommandLine since that asks Windows what the command line was for the application and has nothing to do with the value that is cached in ssGlobals.

Posted by d-train in SWF Studio V3 on Jun 07 2011, 09:42 am

thanks for that