Posted by Quim in SWF Studio V3 on Mar 22 2011, 03:58 pm


I havne't use northcode for a quiet long time and i'm not a programmer just a designer so i don't understand very well code.

i used to use the:

on (release) {
   fscommand("SHELLOPEN", "%ORG%\\folder\\filename");

i was really happy with that, i did updated the program and now i don't know how to do that, i need to end a job and i'm stuck with this, please notice that i don't know any programing or how to even load an external plug in, before was easy, just execute the plug ins and that was all, now this is useles for me and a big problem, can any one please help.

Posted by northcode in SWF Studio V3 on Mar 22 2011, 05:01 pm

The V2 to V3 Command Map shows a list of old V2 commands and how you do the same thing in V3. If you search for "SHELLOPEN" you'll see the command that you want to use now is Shell.invoke and there is even an example showing exactly what you need.

So the command you want to use now is...


We also released a FREE update to V2 that lets it work on modern operating systems.

Posted by Quim in SWF Studio V3 on Mar 23 2011, 09:20 am

Thank you very much, great!